The Banyan movie


14 thoughts on “The Banyan movie”

  1. I decided recently to find a way to make a difference to the lives of women living in impoverishment. I work with women in Australia who experience mental illness due to trauma. I am very impressed with this charity and will become a contributor.

  2. The amount of money we spend trying to look for new planets in our universe…here, these beautiful people exist on a different planet…if we can enter that and beautify it…Do we need to find life on Mars? But here there is life on planet ‘Lost’…come let us find them..

  3. They exist therefore they are.

    They exist in this very planet, in this world, in this country, in this city, in this street.

    They exist and yet they don’t.

    They are not ‘They’, They are ‘Us’.

    Its our right to exist and exist we shall.

  4. really a great initiative… i m from north india . there are hardly any organisations like banyan…. heart touching efforts of yours would give happiness to manier lives which had have no meaning and thrill otherwise…

    regards and congratulations
    university of madras

  5. I visited The Banyan on my first visit to Chennai in 2005. I went to Chennai for yoga study and when I left I wanted to donate my clothes and toiletries that I would not be taking back home. I wanted to visit The Banyan because I teach yoga (karma yoga) at a domestic violence shelter. The women touched my heart.

    It was a powerful experience for me to visit The Banyan, something I have thought about since 2005. I plan on starting my own line of yoga clothes and I VOW, I PROMISE that a certain percentage of my profits will go to The Banyan. This is my dream, as The Banyan started as a seed and has grown into a beautiful tree.


  6. i am just starting to set up a similar facility in west bengal,would like to get in touch with someone who can advise me on the things to do and what to avoid. I believe there is a need for more people to be aware of this situation which will enable them to come forward and help this cause.

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