Growing with The Banyan



S. Bhavna

Class 7, Vidya Mandir


The Banyan according to me is really like a huge banyan tree which shelters hundreds of mentally ill women. It was first a small sapling which, has over the years grown into the huge and successful tree that it now is.

When I first came to The Banyan I was very scared of the people there. But then they came to me, shook hands with me and tied a friendship band around my hand as it was Friendship Day…that was the first and last time I was ever scared of them. Now at every festival and occasion I love dancing for them, entertaining them and also playing with them. I must say that most of them are extremely talented and can dance and sing very well!!!

When I was younger, I used to feel pity for the women who were at The Banyan because of their illness. But later I realized that they were in the best of hands because the people working and volunteering  there took such good care of them and still do.

Now many of them are cured and have gone back to their homes to live a normal life and it is all because of The Banyan…

I am proud to be part of The Banyan through volunteering there and love visiting whenever possible. I think it’s sad that these mentally ill women are out of their homes but at least they have a home away from home  here.

I hope you all will help and support The Banyan. If you guys out there haven’t visited yet, don’t worry cause its never too late and maybe I will be able to meet some of you there!!!

But most important of all don’t forget – The Banyan rox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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