A heart of gold

Balsingh George

Chennai Builder Sponsors a Day’s Meals, Every Week for a Year

When Anandhi and Avinash contacted Mr J. Balsingh George, they were able to meet him immediately. Without hesitation he donated Rs. 3.80 lakhs to The Banyan’s Special Occasion Scheme. This will provide wholesome vegetarian meals for over 200 residents and staff for an entire day, every week for a year!

Balsingh George, or BG as he is popularly known, is a leading property developer in Chennai. He heads Golden Homes Private Limited and has promoted several other realty projects in and around the city. His family is no stranger to The Banyan. His father used to open up the Golden Eagle Theatre to our women for any new film releases.

BG, however, is a new donor. Avinash says, “When we met Mr Balsingh a few weeks back and told him about The Banyan’s various projects, he agreed to support the SOS. He instructed his office to issue the cheque and Anandhi and Avinash were pleasantly surprised at the quick response.

B.G. has also promised that he will visit us and take on an active role in a project that is in Adaikalam, . It is always heartening when a donation comes spontanously from the heart. This donation will go a long way in ensuring that our residents relish good food every week thanks to Golden Homes and Balsingh George.

( And put a smile on the face of our beleaguered treasurer! )

SOS – The Special Occasion Scheme 

Veg food for all residents at Adaikalam costs The Banyan Rs. 8000 per day.

The break-up is as follows:

  • Breakfast – Rs. 1400
  • Lunch       – Rs. 2800
  • High Tea  – Rs. 1000
  • Dinner      – Rs. 2800

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Contact Archanaa for more info: +91-9840523235. archanaa@thebanyan.org


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