Bike for The Banyan: Cyclists to Rock it with 865 Kms of Mental Health Awareness

Uber cyclist Pravin Shekar rockin’ it for Mental Health

Ever wondered what it takes to cycle 865 Kms?  Meet Pravin Shekar, uber cyclist and self confessed ‘Banyan junkie’, gearing up to cycle across the state of Tamil Nadu in a tour called Bike for The Banyan (#bike4thebanyan).

Pravin, supported by the Tamil Nadu Cycling Club, will promote the Kind People, Happy City (KPHC) initiative, and will cycle the entire stretch of 865 kilometers over 7 days!

Friends of the Banyan PayPal Account. Paypal donations are tax exempt in USA under 501c(3)

The Tamil Nadu Cycling Club are a bunch of cycling geeks who have graciously offered to support Pravin as part of their annual Tour of Tamil Nadu event.  Scroll down to read more about their theme for 2012: ‘Heritage’.

Starting on 23 December, Pravin will do a circular route passing through central Tamil Nadu, looping back to the coast, and finally reaching Mahabalipuram on 29 December. Scroll down to see the route map!

At every location Pravin and his adventurous cycling team will spread the message about Kind People, Happy City, about mental illness, and what each one of us can do to make our locality, city, state, and country … BETTER!

You too can participate as a virtual partner on this cycling tour!

Credit & Debit Cards, Netbanking Supported. Please enter the amount in the “General Donations” field. Indian donations are 100% Tax Exempt u/s 35AC, IT Act 1961.

All you need to do is sponsor at least one kilometer for Rs. 1000 (USD 20 for those outside India).  All donations are 100% to The Banyan and KPHC.  We are grateful to Pravin and the TCC team for paying their own way.

Please use the donation links on the right to make your contribution.

Pravin will be blogging daily on the tour. He promises to give us some awesome posts about the cultural, spiritual, and architectural wonders of Tamil Nadu besides posting about the KPHC meetings he will hold. So be sure to follow our Bike for The Banyan updates.

Kind People, Happy City

Kind People, Happy City (Tamil: Kanivaana Makkal, Aanandhamaana Nagaram), is a movement promoted by The Banyan and Chennai Mission.  The goal is to foster a caring community to better the lives of vulnerable people. Any person can be a part of this movement and we welcome you to:

  • Participate in street engagement
  • Befriend a homeless person
  • Share things like food and clothes

Loosely structured and driven by passion and individual commitment, we aspire to build local ownership over the next few years and tap into Chennai’s and India’s rich culture of giving and caring. To learn more and find out how your kindness can help make your city a Happy City contact Archanaa at +91-9840523235 or email her  archanaa (at)

The Ride Plan

Bike for the Banyan Route Map
Bike for the Banyan Route Map

The Tamil Nadu Cycling Club has an annual theme based cycling tour that takes them around the state.  This year’s theme is ‘Heritage’.  The route will cover cultural, spiritual, and architectural Tamil icons and pass through several World Heritage sites. Every day Pravin will cover about 125 kilometers and be joined by his club mates at various locations along the way.

Date(December 2012) Route Distance
23 Chennai – Mahabalipuram – Kancheepuram (A-N-C) 120 Kms
24 Kancheepuram – Gingee – Thiruvanamalai (C-D-E) 130 Kms
25 Thiruvanamalai – Thirukovilur – Thanjavur (E-F-G) 215 Kms
26 Thanjavur – Local Ride (G) 60 Kms
27 Thanjavur – Kumbakonam – Chidambaram (G-H-I) 110 Kms
28 Chidambaram – Neyveli – Panruti – Auroville (I-J-K-L) 130 Kms
29 Auroville – Thirukazhukundram – Mahabalipuram (L-M-N) 100 Kms

What You Can Do

1.    Join the Kind People, Happy City initiative.  For more details contact Archanaa at +91-9840523235 or email archanaa (at)

2.    Tell your friends about KPHC and the Bike for The Banyan event.  Click the share buttons below.  (Please use hashtag #bike4thebanyan)

3. Sponsor one kilometer or more! Click here to Donate Now! (please enter the amount in General Donations). Indian donations are tax exempt under section 35AC of Income Tax Act, 1961.  For PayPal donations, please visit the website (Friends of The Banyan) and click on the donation button on the upper left.  PayPal donations are tax exempt in the USA under 501c(3).

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