The Princess of ‘Adaikalam Potti Kadai’ (Kiosk that sells snacks)

Meghala proudly serving cool drinks at the Potti Kadai at Adaikalam

“ I want this shop to do well. Good sales are very necessary and I wish to be able to sell many
 snacks everyday.” says Meghala, firmly. Appointed as a saleswoman at The Banyan’s very own ‘potti kadai’ in the Transit Care Centre, Meghala’s day begins at 9am and ends at 5pm. She is in charge of this emerging entreprise.“

It has been a tough journey for Meghala who has been at The Banyan for many years now.  

Meghala does not remember how she came to be at the Banyan, nor does she know when she was saved, but she does remember how pitifully weak she was, constantly fainting from exhaustion and in a desperate state physically.

 When she was rescued by The Banyan, Meghala was a disquieted person, who had receded into herself , full of fear and only able to talk to her Case Manager, Seema.

 Meghala remembers how after a course of medicines and treatment, coupled with gentle encouragement from Seema, who ‘asked me to talk with everyone, my condition improved’. After this, the medicines could be reduced, and Meghala quickly grew in confidence as she began to feel as if she was conquering her condition, when she had lived so long being ruled by it.

 Soon Meghala was placed in a Group Home with 6 other women living under one roof, responsible for their own cleaning, cooking and general up-keep.

Residents and staff enjoying the convenience of the Potti Kadai, thanks to Meghala.

During the day Meghala works in the potti kadai, responsible for her own income and able to provide for herself.  Some of the other residents at Adaikalam clean the surrounding area and they too are earning money for the work they are doing. When the residents tire after their hard work, they used to have to go outside the Banyan campus to buy their snacks and cool drinks, going through a few formalities at the gate in order to do so. Meghala, with her potti kadai, has solved this problem and the residents are very pleased. Staff from The Banyan also buy drinks and snacks from Meghala, and feel that is a very useful addition to life at Adaikalam.

Meghala remembers how ‘I have done many roles, but I like this job,’ and this is probably due to the incredible amount of progress she has made in order to hold a job. 

Considering the difference in herself from being rescued by The Banyan to now, Meghala acknowledges how ‘The Banyan has helped me, and I am happy now.’ Looking to the future after battling with a mental condition that has mired her past, Meghala has clear goals.

Sethu, from the Banyan says that training and placements for other residents are an ongoing process at Adaikalam and after rehabilitation, others will also be able to have their own businesses and be as happy as Meghala.

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3 thoughts on “The Princess of ‘Adaikalam Potti Kadai’ (Kiosk that sells snacks)”

  1. I say- this success is in true Banyan spirit- it is such success stories and two decades of self less service that makes Banyan iconic Indian Brand. Congratulations team Banyan from some one who considers himseld part of extended Banyan family

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