Jothy’s Spicy Garlic Pickle Delights All at The Banyan!

Picture 115
Jothi proudly displays her homemade lip-smacking garlic pickle!

A South Indian meal, as we all know, is not quite complete without some pickle. A hearty helping of rasam or sambhar, although gratifying to your senses, is sometimes just not enough. You’re looking for something with just the right amount of zest, and just a little extra flavour to top off the meal.  Jothy’s spicy garlic pickle did just that and surpassed all our expectations and has us begging her to make more!

Jothy is very passionate about her hobby!  Armed with the list of ingredients, Jothy strode determinedly into the Stores and declared that she was going to make some spicy garlic pickle.  She happily collected 3 kgs of garlic and the spices and created a culinary delight within a couple of days!  Jothy has several years of experience making pickle and has perfected her recipes. Her garlic pickle has become a big hit among the staff and residents of the Banyan, who are consistent customers.  Her next desire is to make her very own fish pickle!

Residents making the pickle

You can place your orders for Jothy’s mouth-watering pickles with our Vocational Training Coordinator, Sasi 9840138765.

Pickle packets

Jothi makes pickles only on her day off. She works full time at a school for children with mental health issues. Despite her busy work schedule, she still finds time for her passion. The Banyan has fostered her hobby by helping her package and market her product.  The pickle is hygienically prepared and packed in sterilised bottles and small packets.  It is an all natural product and no artificial preservatives are added.

By placing an order for Jothy’s lip-smacking pickles, you will also be supporting a hard-working member of the Banyan family! You won’t regret it!  If you would like to support Jothy in setting up her own pickle business, please send in your donations earmarked for Jothy’s pickles.

To Order Jothy’s Pickles:  Call Sasi 9840138765

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Contact Swapna for more info: +91 9840135913.

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Contact Archanaa for more info: +91-9840523235.



4 thoughts on “Jothy’s Spicy Garlic Pickle Delights All at The Banyan!”

  1. I tasted Jyothi’s fish curry specially made for us and it tasted awesome with steamed rice. Best wishes to her. Must get her pickles when I am there. Sasi, heartiest congratulations to you.
    Stay Well. More power!

  2. I’m still hoarding and rationing the garlic pickle. God, just the thought of it is making my mouth water… again.

    Kavitha, do place your order soon, if you haven’t already, as I have a sneaky feeling that I might grab the whole lot.

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