Dr Mini Rao, Psychologist, Shares her Experiences of Volunteering at The Banyan

Dr Mini Rao is a Psychologist who has recently started volunteering at The Banyan.  docmini1

She talked to us about her experiences with The Banyan family.

Mini had heard about The Banyan many years ago through her father-in-law who had donated 6 fans to them during the initial years of the organisation. He was very impressed with The Banyan and what they were doing in the field of homelessness and mental illness. Mini started volunteering at The Banyan about 4 months ago and when she first started she felt a huge sense of satisfaction at being able to help so many people who otherwise she would never have met or had the opportunity to help.

As a psychologist, Mini spends about 3 hours minimum per week at The Banyan and she uses her skills and training to help the residents by listening to their problems and reassuring them that everything will be okay and that they are being cared for.

After four months of volunteering, Mini has noticed that The Banyan is very organised and she sees new volunteers every week. She says that she loves the physical activities that the residents are able to take part in. She also feels that The Banyan is constantly trying to improve itself, which she finds very refreshing.

When Mini was asked what changes she would like to see at The Banyan, she said that she would like to see more youngsters volunteering, but apart from that she did not think any changes were necessary and commented that The Banyan is a very well run NGO.

Having been with The Banyan for 4 months, Mini already has fond memories of her time with the residents. She was amused when one of the residents said that she wanted her sister “to become a successful doctor like me”.

Asked for suggestions for people who would like to volunteer at The Banyan, Mini said that listening skills are very important and there are different kinds of listening with which they can familiarise themselves. There are many websites, which give good advice on different listening skills.

Dr Mini Rao is helping to improve the lives of our residents by sharing her skills and her compassion. This is an amazing gift to our residents. Thank you.

The Banyan counts on volunteers to help with the daily lives of our residents. If you think you would like to help The Banyan either by volunteering or by donating, please click on the links below.

Click here to DONATE!

Contact Swapna for more info: +91-9840135913. swapna.k@thebanyan.org

Click here to VOLUNTEER!

Contact Archanaa for more info: +91-9840523235. archanaa@thebanyan.org

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