Wellwisher Sponsors a Walk with the Wild in Vandalur!

Mrs. K. Asha Reddy from Hyderabad generously sponsored a trip to Vandalur Zoo for the residents of Adaikalam, The Banyan’s Transit Care Centre.  Picture of Mrs. K. Asha Reddy

It was a welcome change from the routine and the residents thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Here’s an account of their exciting outing ….

The residents of The Banyan woke up one morning to find a large bus standing outside. This sight alone confirmed that the ladies had an exciting day ahead of them. The staff of The Banyan had planned an entirely novel excursion for the residents. They were going to the zoo!

Residents in front of the bus

This trip was particularly special as none of The Banyan’s clients had ever visited a zoo before. To start off the day, a few dozen residents and a handful off staff eagerly boarded the bus. The trip to the Vandalur Zoo was to be fairly long, but promised to be well worth it.  The bus-ride in itself was filled with excitement!

Upon reaching Vandalur, the ladies were mesmerised by the scenery, even before entering the zoo. The entrance exhibited a wide and gorgeous waterfall. The residents stood transfixed for a few minutes, gazing at the sparkling water. After posing for a group picture, they were ready to move onto the main attraction.

Our residents at the Vandalur Zoo entrance
Our residents in front of the waterfall at the Vandalur Zoo entrance

Thankfully, the visitors had been fueled with a hearty breakfast, for they were in for a lot of walking! The neatly paved paths of the zoo lead them to all sorts of sights! Wheelchairs and trams were provided for the residents who needed respite from walking.  The winding trails adorned with shady trees helped the visitors stay cool in spite of the sun.

Our resident’s  Sokiya, Saroja, Divya, Chandan, Fathima, Vasuki and Alamelu Divya on the wheel chair accompanied by our staff Malar during the outing

While the ladies were enchanted by the roaring lions, swinging monkeys and majestic tigers, the day passed by like a breeze. Some of their favourite exhibits included the exotic birds chirping in large enclosures. All day long, the residents delightedly leaned against the fences of each exhibit, discovering new creatures.

They enjoyed watching all the animals039 015

The evening came along a little too quickly for everyone. When it was time to board the buses and continue back home, the thought that was on everyone’s mind: “When can we come back?!”

If you would also like to sponsor such special outings for the residents of The Banyan, please follow the links below:

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Contact Swapna for more info: +91-9840135913. swapna.k@thebanyan.org

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Contact Archanaa for more info: +91-9840523235. archanaa@thebanyan.org

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