Birthday Celebrations for Sravani!

Friends gathered to wish Sravani a very happy birthday
Friends gathered to wish Sravani a very happy birthday

Everyone deserves to be the centre of attention every so often. At The Banyan, we felt there should be an occasion to pamper and celebrate each resident individually. Therefore a new tradition of birthday celebrations has been introduced at Adaikalam, and who better to honour for our first party, than our newest client Sravani!

Nineteen year-old Sravani is also one of our youngest clients. Needless to say, she was enthralled by all the attention! Decked out in bright clothing, she lit up The Banyan’s theatre room, where the celebration took place.

The lovely birthday cake given to Sravani by staff at The Banyan
The lovely birthday cake given to Sravani by staff at The Banyan

A handful of her resident friends joined her, wishing and singing her a happy birthday. The staff had procured a wonderful birthday cake which was shared between all the guests. Sravani reported that she was very surprised and excited! However she felt a little sad that her case manager Ms. Deepthi and Psychologist Ms. Lalitha, who were on vacation that day, were missing the festivities.


Once Ms. Deepthi returned, Sravani recounted the entire experience in immense detail. Ms Deepthi, not realising that it had been her client’s birthday, was taken aback by the enthusiasm of Sravani’s narrative!  Sravani added that the celebration was somewhat bittersweet; she very much enjoyed the party, but also deeply missed her family.

Sravani was dropped off at Adaikalam a few months ago. Initially, a very socially withdrawn girl, she had trouble opening up to the staff and fellow residents. Yet, over the months, her personality has changed dramatically! She has become energetic in her daily activities and social with her peers. The Banyan staff and her fellow residents have learned to love Sravani as a sister, and are incredibly proud of her progress. She plans to rejoin her family in the near future.

You can help The Banyan to continue celebrating the residents’ birthdays! It costs Rs.1500 to buy cake, snacks, and a small gift.  Please follow the links below, if you would like to sponsor a resident’s birthday.

Click here to DONATE!

Contact Swapna for more info: +91-9840135913.

Click here to VOLUNTEER!

Contact Fanny for more info: +91-9884008643.



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