Adaikalam Residents Hit the Beach!

group photo
Residents flanked by The Banyan staff ready for a day of fun!

The residents of Adaikalam, The Banyan’s Transit Care Centre, love going to the beach.  And this time it is the Thiruvalluvar Beach in Tiruvanmiyur. 

The excited residents on the way to the beach.
The excited residents on the way to the beach.

Thirty-two residents excitedly finished their breakfast and promptly boarded the bus at 10am. The one-hour bus ride was spent in anticipation of the adventure that was ahead of them.

Playing on the beach
Playing on the beach

Upon reaching Thiruvalluvar beach in Thiruvanmiyur, the ladies did not let one bit of energy go to waste. They were engaged in activities the entire day! Although the Banyan has organized trips to the beach before, the residents taking part in this trip were particularly enthusiastic, as more of our younger clients attended!

palying Kabadi
Playing Kabadi

Some activities included playing beach-ball games and running about on the sand. An intense game of Kabadi ensued, which increased the clients’ sense of team-bonding. Also, a handful of residents could not resist the temptation of the water and spent more than an hour splashing through the waves!

Some of the residents were happy just to relax on the beach.
Some of the residents relaxing on the beach.

On the other hand, a few ladies were perfectly content to relax on the warm sand and enjoy the breezy day.

The clients refuelled themselves with some lunch and most of them did not waste any time getting back to having fun!

The residents enjoying lunch near the beach.
The residents enjoying lunch near the beach.

After an exhausting but unforgettable afternoon, the residents settled down to enjoy some tea and coffee before hopping on the bus back to Adaikalam.

The Banyan staff members are hoping to organise these outings on a regular basis. Not only does it give the clients a chance to stretch their legs and enjoy unique activities, but it exposes the ladies to different parts of the city and surrounding areas. A regular change of scenery has shown to be excellent therapy. Therefore, we call for any interested patrons to help sponsor these trips. We would deeply appreciate your help in sponsoring these outings.

If you would like to sponsor outings for our residents, please click on the links below:

Click here to DONATE!

Contact Swapna for more info: +91-9840135913.

Click here to VOLUNTEER!

Contact Fanny for more info: +91-9884008643.



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