About Us


The Banyan is an organisation based in Chennai, India that provides services for homeless persons with mental illness.

Our organisation was founded in 1993 as a humane response to a woman in distress – today we have grown into an organisation that is taking a lead in catalysing change for homeless people with mental illness.

Our journey is filled with many stories of courage, joy and life. The essence of our work lies in the beautiful moments of recovery and journey back home that many women who have overcome homelessness and mental illness at The Banyan undertake.

We believe in a life of dignity and happiness for every individual- and our larger vision is to ensure this for all marginalised individuals on the fringes of society.

Our Impact 

  • Over 2,000 homeless people have received critical time interventions and recovery based services from us,
  • 200 individuals have chosen to live in our independent and supported living options
  • 80% of our clients have been reintegrated with their families
  • 10,300 individuals utilise our clinical and social care support services
  • 60% of Banyan clients are engaged in work across all programmes
  • Over 500 lay people trained to become part of our staff
  • Over 400 children in difficult circumstances engaged in our youth development and support service activities
  • 500 students enrolled in BALM’s graduate and diploma programmes

We currently have several ongoing projects – and this blog is a space for us to have a conversation with you, our supporters, as we make progress on each of them.

If you would like to know more about us, drop in a line at banyan@thebanyan.org or visit our website at www.thebanyan.org

3 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. hi, it was nice to know about banyan blog. i got introduced to this blog through sri GVK of Mysore. felt very happy to read about banyan’s activities. may you continue the good work and may many more destitute women with mental health issues find solace under the shelter of banyan!

    i am blogrolling you so that many more may come to know about the wonderful selfless service that you are rendering to the needy.

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