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  1. Hello,

    Please can you let me know if there is a sister organisation of Banyan or any organisation that does similar work in Hyderabad, as Banyan in Madras?

    There is this lady I have seen, on the streets, who seems to be mentally disabled .She is in a pitiabale condition (eats food off the pavement, wears filthy torn clothes) and gathering from others, has been so for many years, Please can you help me help her ? Can she be rehabilitated? Can she atleast be given shelter in some safe place and taken care of?

    Thank you.

  2. Hello Dr.Sathyanathan,How r u ?.I was ur patient,relation of flim producer G.Pandu,I have finished my Bsc Psychology,I wanted to work with u DR to learn many things.My mobile number is 9380877259.

  3. Hello!

    I was “googling” family members, and I stumbled upon the Banyan organization. Appartently, my grandfather’s (M R Vellodi) brother is part of your organization! How exciting! So, I wondered if you could send him my love and best wishes. I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on your excellent work with those suffering from mental illness. My father is a psychiatrist, so I am familiar with the struggles your organization and the individuals you serve face on a daily basis. Don’t give up! Ever! It is a great gift to the world that their is an organization providing aid to those who need some help and some hope.



  4. Hello
    In January 2008, I came with a friend for a tour of The Banyan. Your psychologist took us around and explained your services. I was impressed and gave a donation. I wrote my name in your guest/ donation book. I was promised a receipt for the donation but it never did arrive. Could you please send me (email is OK) a receipt or a written acknowledgement of my donation? You can find a record of my donation in your book.
    Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Yours sincerely,
    (Dr.) Caroline Choo
    email: caroline2468@yahoo.com

  5. “Effect of Spiritual healing in curing Parkinson”
    I am working as spiritual & Distant healor from Udaipur (India) specially for the patient suffering from Parkinson and knee joint pain. Apart from their regular medical treatment and medicines I involve them in total spirituality and use medicated oil massage on affected portion of body with my spiritual hands along with mantras. The result are fascinating and attractive with self satisfaction. My patient after the treatment starts working as normal person with full of joy and happiness. I shall be glad to work as spiritual healor with you on demand for the benefit of mankind, and would love to perform joint research in eradicating this devastating disease from this world.
    God bless to all.
    Devendra Kumar Joshi
    Spiritual healor

  6. Hi Vandana abd Vaishnivi,
    I want you to go down memory lane WCC.I wonder if you remember me Vandana i was in the nutrition and dietetics dept and we used to get together for our english classes. Ever since I saw your article in the week about the banyan i wanted to congratulate you and Vaishnivi on your wonderful dedication to society.Now that you have my personal mail id d
    o keep in touch so that i know you have received this mail.
    God bless you and all those involved directly or indirectly with this great organisation

  7. Hello Vandana and Vaishnivi,

    I’ve just learned that my great-uncle Mr. Aravind Vellodi (MA Vellodi) passed away last night, Weds., Feb. 15th. While my heart is so very, very heavy, I am comforted by the fact that both of you and the Banyan gave him such joy, such purpose, and such fulfillment. You are all in my prayers, and I am committed to helping you in any way I can to carry on the legacy of my great uncle. Thank you both (and everyone at the Banyan) for all that you do, and all that you did to make Aravind Uncle so happy and comfortable. God bless you. Sincerely, Seema

  8. Hello sir/madam,
    Please can you let me know if there is a organisation of Banyan or any organisation in Chennai ?

    I am sathana from royapuram,chennai.
    My friend’s mother is suffering from mental illness and my friend is working as a lecture in Engineering college and she can’t able to care her mother, as she is working and no one is there for them to care her mother.
    Please can you help me help her ? Can her mother be rehabilitated? Can her mother atleast be given shelter in some safe place and taken care of ?
    Please inform me as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

  9. Hello Sathana,

    Sorry to hear about your friend’s mother.

    Could you please email your phone no. to preetha.r@thebanyan.org and we will be in touch with you on how best we can find help for your friend’s mother.

    1. Hello Fanny Nathaniel,

      Thank you for your valuable reply,
      And surely we will contact the above mentioned person.

      Thank you.

  10. hai,
    i am suba. staying in bangalore.i am a homemaker and the mother of twins. I am a postgraduate in philosophy. i wanted to do something useful for these people. can anybody please tell me how should i work as a volunteer from home only.

  11. Hi Suba,

    Thanks for your offer to volunteer from home. Sorry for the delay in replying. Could you please email your contact details to volunteers@thebanyan.org. We definitely need help and I am sure we can find something that you can do for The Banyan from home.

    Look forward to working with you soon.

  12. Dear Sir/Mam, Do you have a sister org. in Ahmedabad or any other org we can contact in Ahmedabad who can help us track down missing person(an elderly mother). Will appreiciate your early reply. Thanks.

  13. We do not have a sister organisation in Ahmedabad but I can check if we can put you on to an organisation that can help you. In the meantime, could you send a photograph and details of the missing person to fanny.nathaniel@thebanyan.org. We have several women battling mental health issues, from various parts of the country, staying with us so we can check at our centres too.

  14. To te eyes of Adin.Officer ,Banyan. Madam I wish to give te following – in good condition.pl send electrician /carpenter to dismantle 1)dining table -made of good wood +two chairs 2) one teapouy 3)t.v stand 4)fan -working /to be disconnected 5)drum big plastic 6)small clock 7 old clothes 8) groceris pl cal me pone. 9962945282’virukambakkam Santhanam

  15. Pl see my EMail dt 24/2 .I sent soMe goods on 6/3/14.pl sent me ye receipt to _\Santhanam ,B -flAt.Swathi flats,43,Malai Katti st, Chidambaram 608 001 cuddalore Dt
    Santhanam 6/4

  16. Hello
    I wanted to know whether you have centre in bangalore or can you please suggest some organisations in Bangalore who does counselleng, teach socio-community behaviour, living skills and training for Mentally retarded women

    1. Dear Shubha,

      The Banyan does not work in Bangalore, but depending on what you need exactly, you could approach NIMHANS, Richmond Fellowship, Medico-Pastoral Association, Smart Studio for dance and movement therapies for example. Do you mean people with intellectual disabilities or mental health issues?

      There is also Snehadara foundation that works with children with special needs through art therapy.

      This info is shared by Mirjam and Mrinalini from The Banyan. Please feel free to contact us again should you need any further guidance.

      1. Hello
        Thank you for the reply my relative is married 3 months back. She was brought up inside 4 walls with high school level education without mingling with anyone. It was because of family disputes and property issues. After marriage she was sent back due lack of behaviour skills and immaturity. After consulting doctor, she was diagnosed as MR. Hence I request you to suggest where counselling and social behaviour is taught. If treatment is given now, she has the chance of going back to her in laws. Otherwise she has to stay at mother’s place forever. So please help.

  17. Dear Shubha,

    We are very sorry to hear about your relative’s predicament.

    You can actually visit any of these places for help. From what we’ve heard they are of good repute, and can even refer you elsewhere depending on your needs.

    Please do feel free to email me your contact details: fanny.nathaniel@thebanyan.org and I will call you to discuss this further.

  18. Hi, my name is Shruti and I write for Feminism in India about mental health and wellness. I would like to do a profile of the work you are doing and share information with our readers. Please let me know where I could send an email with more details. Thanks

  19. Hello
    I am a MSW student at Madras Christian College, Chennai. I want to share about a family residing in East Tambaram. A member of this family is undergoing treatment for depression. She is a victim of domestic violence and her husband passed away last year. Her condition and medication makes her feel sleepy throughout the day.
    I wanted to know if she can be given skill training at Banyan. If it’s possible, does she have to travel to the organisation daily?

  20. Hi,

    My name is jayanthi. My sister is mentally challenging for the last 6yrs and she is 28 yrs old. She was treated by couple of doctors and was admitted in a home for 3 yrs. She gets anger with her own family members and using abusive words on the family members.
    She is giving a life threat for the family members . Kindly advise and let us know how to proceed.

  21. Hai, near my house two different ladies are there. One mentally retarded. And the other one lady is single and leaving in the road. I am requesting you to kindly do the needful of the ladies to protect from this atmosphere. Thanking you.

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